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Horse Back Riding Lessons

We offer customized lessons and training for riders and horses of all experiences. 

Cara Wheeler, Head Trainer

Our resident trainer, Cara, brings a ton of enthusiasm and professional experience to the Duncraven Equestrian Center team. Cara's dedication to the sport and horsemanship is second to none, mirroring our program's approach to understanding the horse from the ground up.


Building a strong foundation is essential for riders to improve their skills in the long run. She focuses on teaching proper techniques and body positioning to ensure that students develop good habits from the start. By emphasizing the fundamentals, Cara enables her riders to progress and grow their riding abilities effectively.


Having worked and trained with olympic medalists and trained with numerous top riders and trainers, Cara is poised to accelerate your riding career in the direction you want to go. 

Erin McCaffrey, Assistant Trainer

Our assistant trainer, Erin, offers extensive experience in Dressage. For our novice and young equestrians, Erin's teaching style is invaluable. She helps them build confidence, trust, and a strong bond with their horses. Erin understands that every rider is unique and learns at their own pace, and she is committed to providing personalized attention and guidance to ensure their progress.

The Club at Duncraven 
Want to stay on property but not in the viewing room?  Ask us about joining the CLUB

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